Hand crafted beer brewed and bottled by
Point Break Brewery in South East Cornwall.


There’s something to be said for great tasting craft beer,
especially after being out on the surf waiting for the perfect wave.

Both are worth the wait!

Hop profile plays an important part in our beers and as a small batch all-grain craft brewery in Cornwall, we use the finest natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives, just quality tasty craft beer.

Passionate about beer, music and surfing. What else is there!


The brewery setup is very small with just a 65 litre professional kit at present and so our beers will be very small limited edition batches. A lot of malts and carefully selected hops go into our beers unlike your traditional brewery and so resulting in really tasty and aromatic craft beers. 


We produce small batches in limited edition quantities. On all our beers we produce, we will make a note of the BEER VERSION on the description online and on the label of beer bottle. So If you see V1 on the label, that will probable mean V6 or V7 to us. Before we consider releasing a beer for sale there will have been many versions created and tested prior, each time tweaking the beer recipe in order to enhancing the beer so that it continues to taste even better and evolve until we believe its at its optimum taste.


Like the idea of your own craft beer, then why not consider an exclusive brew from Point Break, branded with your own logo. Contact Jamie for more information


Where ever possible Point Break is looking at ways to reduce waste and keep plastic usage to a bare minimum. We have a stainless steel set up and where ever possible when we need to use plastic, thought is given to whether it is a 'one-off' use or whether we can reuse over and over again.


We have decide to make our beer bottle labels plastic free and have opted for a rustique uncoated paper and not plastic labels like many other breweries do.

Point Break Brewery are supporters of Surfers Against Sewage and will make a donation to SAS each year.